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GSU Online  

GSU Online is Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma’s online training platform. Here you will find trainings you need to be a Girl Scout volunteer [depending on your position]. It is our hope that these video trainings will enhance your Girl Scout volunteer experience. Simply click the GSU Online link above and find the training(s) you need or would like to view. And thank you for leading girls!
*If you are returning from a previous visit to GSU Online, you will see that this is a new platform. A username and password is no longer needed to access the video trainings, however, if you would like your volunteer, training record updated to reflect any video trainings you watch, you will need to fill out the accompanying evaluation with the video.


 Girl Scout University

Saturday, November 1

9:30a – 3:30p [registration opens at 8:30 am]


volunteer essentials (click here to download)

Volunteer Essentials is a reference for you when needed. When you have a question, simply look up the topic in the Table of Contents, and you’ll find your answer. Think of Volunteer Essentials as your encyclopedia to Girl Scout volunteering.

Girl Scout Blue Book (click here for downloads)

This Girl Scout Blue Book publication contains all of the basic documents of Girl Scouts of the USA and is the foundation for the work of all Girl Scout councils.

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