Troop Finance Corner: Personal Bank Accounts and Girl Scout Accounts

Posted by Elizabeth Caldwell on 05/28/2014

A common question we often receive during cookie season is: “Can parents or leaders deposit the checks and/or cash from sales into a personal account, consolidate and then write one big check to the troop?” Some see this as a viable strategy to avoid possible transaction fees and fewer checks/cash to count by the troop leader or treasurer.

The answer is NO. Co-mingling of Girl Scout funds and personal funds is against the Girl Scout Guidelines for Troop accounts. The correct procedure for handling funds is covered in Volunteer Essentials Chapter 5: Managing Group Finances, Heading Troop/Group Accounts through the Scouting Year, Bullet Point 9 “Do not mix household funds with Girl Scout funds or use Girl Scout funds for personal use.”

Protect yourself. Checks, Inc. will not cover checks returned for insufficient funds that have been deposited into personal accounts. Also, deposits to your personal account could be construed by the IRS as personal income and subject to taxes.